Need an Avon reference code to join Avon as an Avon Representative to sell Avon

Published: 29th April 2010
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You may have found out that you need an Avon reference code for Avon's website STARTAVON ? Just use the reference code JEBY to sign up and sell Avon. This can be the fastest and easiest way to become an Avon rep since you don't have to wait for someone to contact you to arrange a meeting to sign you up.

Just what is the "reference code" that the Avon site STARTAVON is asking for? It's the last part of my Representative Website Click 4 Avon or JEBY . Avon gives each e-rep a different reference code so that we can have individual eStores and the reference code can be used to sign up online to sell Avon.

The Avon reference code in some way incorporates the name of the rep, sometimes the whole name or just part of the name like mine JEBY. Using the Avon reference code to sign up to sell Avon has been a very helpful way for people to become Avon Reps as they don't have to wait for someone to call them(which can take forever, if someone ever calls). You get the same start up kit that includes 20 Avon books and everything you need to get started. When someone uses my Avon reference code, I email them information right away to help them get started and to be sure they know whom to contact locally for help and support.

To receive an Avon reference code, an Avon rep must be an e-rep(online store) and at least be a Unit leader, which means having signed up at least 5 other Avon reps and they are actively selling.

Signing up online doesn't always work the first time, you may need to try again or have an active Avon rep submit your information to Avon. Be sure you put in accurate information and as much as you can, as Avon verifies the information.

Many people like using the online sign up with the Avon reference code because then only Avon has their information and they won't share it with anyone. Avon does notify us Reps when someone uses our Avon reference code and that is how I get their email address as Avon wants us to provide help to new reps, which I do!

As a new Avon representative you make 40% on orders of $50 or more, so it can be easy to make back the $20 you spent to sign up. Building an Avon business does take time and patience. Don't go into it thinking you will be making tons of money right away or your "friends" on Facebook or similar type sites will buy from you online and the money will be rolling in. Give your business time to grow.

So, if you are searching for an Avon reference code, use JEBY and start your Avon business today!

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